Ecuadorian Amazon part 2- For the Love of Animals

After working for 8 straight days, I finally got a break during my second week at the Amazoonico. I was equally excited to finally get my laundry washed as I was to eat a nice western meal and have a hot shower. It´s the little things 🙂 I took the canoe and bus to get […]

Ecuadorian Amazon part 1- Welcome to the Jungle!

Deadly bugs, hard work, hot sweaty days, incredible animals… I was ready! I briefly visited the Amazon in Peru back in 2007, but it wasn’t an extensive experience. After a 10 hour travel day through washed out roads and a canoe, I arrived at Amazoonico. Amazoonico is an animal rescue center that was founded back […]

San Cristobal Galapagos Islands: Part 4

Part of the concept of the VolunTravel concept, is travel! During my last week in the Galapagos, I was persuaded to check out two of the other islands, Santa Cruz and Isabela. I bought my ticket for the ferry, thinking it was going to be a decent size ship since it was over a two […]

San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islands: Part 3

This week started out totally awesome. My normal days off from volunteering are Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I decided to play tourist for a day, and I decided to take a tour out to Punta Pitt and Leon Dormido. These are the “must sees” of the island. The day started early, with a 6:20 […]

San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islands: Part 2

VolunTravel Work on Farm in Galapagos

After spending last week at the organic farm, I was ready to check out another area in the highlands, La Soledad. This is a very small village where most of Alex’s family is from.  Alex and Ashley have 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land next to his grandfathers. The goal is to clear out the […]

San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islands

These first few weeks have been pretty awesome here on San Cristobal, the second most populated island in the Galapagos. I am lucky enough to be staying with a couple of locals, Ashley and Alex. I met Ashley (who is from Holland), 2 years ago while walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We have […]

A year in review…

Well, it’s about that time again. The time for me to pack up and leave for the summer. It seems as though I just returned from caring for the sweet elephants in Thailand, but it was actually 10 months ago! Tomorrow I will embark on a journey that will take me along the Camino de […]

2H7C President featured in local newspaper

BGSD employee will embark on 800km walk in honor of twin sister Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 9:00 am Joanna Michaud staff reporter Thirty-one-year-old Crystal Steinmueller has recently been training for a very long walk – a walk that she intends to conquer this June in honor of her deceased twin sister. The walk Steinmueller will […]

Founder Crystal gets interviewed by Clark College

Last month, founder Crystal Steinmueller was contacted by Jennifer Aragon of the Volunteer and Service-Learning program at Clark College. Below is the interview that was published in their winter newsletter. 2 Hands 7 Continents An interview with founder Crystal Steinmueller about her global impact (adapted from original transcript) Jennifer: What inspired you to found 2 […]

Volunteerism Stories

Sharing Volunteerism Stories with local community After I returned home from Thailand in August, 2012, the local newspaper, The Columbian, ran a story about 2 Hands 7 Continents and my volunteer work with the elephants. I was surprised with how many people I received emails from with encouraging words. It’s always nice to feel validated. […]