For all the dog lovers

Crystal with her Thai dog Shadow, right before the accident

It was July 24th, a Tuesday evening around 8 pm. We were finished with dinner, and were chatting over the illuminated screen of Janneke’s laptop. The rest of the power was out. Tam and Ton, two staff members were done for the night and entered their truck to drive back to their rooms. The engine […]

BEAM Education Foundation

Crystal handing out school supplies to Burmese students in Thailand.

A visit to BEAM Education Foundation I am currently in Chiang Mai, which is located in the northern part of Thailand. It is also pretty close to the border with Myanmar, formally known as Burma. Instead of staying in a hostel or guest host, Janine (my Dutch travel companion), and I decided to couch surf. […]

What’s in my backpack?

Have you ever wondered, “What do you pack for a 2 month adventure?” It’s actually not that different than a 2-3 week adventure, you just end up washing your clothes more. In case you are still wondering, here is what is in my packs! REI “Saturn” 80 liter Clothing & Shoes: 21 pairs of underwear 2 […]

Even on vacation…

you can help others! Josh and I were recently on vacation on the island of Cozumel. It is just off the east coast of Mexico, in the Caribbean. It’s a huge touristy island that has a lot of cruise ships and all inclusive resorts that bring in folks from all over. Before we left for […]