VolunTravel Blog – Honduras Educational Improvement

Leading a workshop

Teachers helping teachers at Honduras Educational Improvement Program I traveled to Honduras from July 11th to July 22nd with Friends United.  Our objective was to equip teachers with strategies for teaching literacy and math, follow up with teachers who attended previous workshops, and resupply teacher resource centers at a Honduras educational improvement program. Friends United […]

Zambian Orphanage: Week 4

Crystal with kids with signs that say "Thank you" from the orphanage in Zambia

The big mission was completed this week! The new washing machine arrived! The new machine is a Samsung with a two year warranty. Wembe and I picked it up and strapped it in the trunk of the car. I wanted it to be a surprise for the kids and the Aunties. Everyone was very excited, […]

Zambian Orphanage: Week 3

Cuddling with Chipego at Oz Kids Orphanage.

Oz Kids Orphanage Everyone seems to have been sick this week. Kids, aunties, neighbors, sickness is in the air! There have been running noses, vomiting, sneezing, coughing, tiredness, headaches, and stomach aches. The locals blame it on the change of weather. The cooler temperatures have come in, along with the winds. Zambia has free health […]

Zambian Orphanage: Week 2

Shopping in Zambia for Oz International Orphanage

Oz Kids International Orphanage Top 3 phrases that come out of my mouth on a daily basis (in no particular order): No crying Stop fighting (insert name here) You need to share Top 3 phrases that I hear on a daily basis (in no particular order): Auntie look at! Auntie look at! Auntie look at! […]

Zambian Orphanage: Week 1

Oz Kids International Orphanage located in Mazabuka, Zambia

Volunteering at a Zambian Orphanage Twelve children call the orphanage their home. There are six boys and six girls: Elina, Lushomo, Emely, Chipego, Joseph, Terry, Malenga, James, Namakau, Naomi, Mercy, Paul. All the children are from various backgrounds. They are the residents of Oz Kids International Orphanage, located in Mazabuka, Zambia. Oz Kids was created […]

VolunTravel Blog – Teaching English Abroad in Morocco

Teaching English Abroad Casablanca, Morocco : 1st – 30th August 2013 The organisation I volunteered with are called CSM. CSM offers a range of volunteering opportunities primarily teaching English and French and also an environmental program. I signed up for the program through ICYE in the UK, which cost £850, which included some pre departure training, […]

VolunTravel Blog – Vittana Fellows Program

Guest Blogger Kathryn Jacoby and an agricultural science student on a VolunTravel trip to the Philippines.

Travel with a purpose for the Vittana Fellows Program by 2H7C Guest Blogger Kathryn Jacoby Last September (2012), I traveled to the Philippines and volunteered for the Vittana Fellows Program. Vittana is a Seattle-based educational nonprofit. Vittana seeks out “skilled, highly committed and passionate volunteers to work on-the-ground” with their microfinance institutions. The volunteer position […]

VolunTravel Blog – Sustainable Resource Volunteer Project

Group of workers who made the new recycle bins

What is a sustainable resource volunteer project? I live an unconventional life, in that I prioritize my happiness above my financial security and my level of social status. I have a philosophy similar to that of the New Economics Foundation’s report, 21 Hours: Why a shorter working week can help us all to flourish in […]