San Fermin aka The Running of the Bulls Festival

Janine and I found a great parking spot in a garage that only charged 8 euros for 24 hours in the center close to the action! We were donned in our white, and had purchased our red scarves and belts during our excursion the previous day in San Sebastian. We made our way towards the […]

From Roncesvalles to Pamplona

We woke up in Roncesvalles at 6:30am and realized we were two of the last people left! Other pilgrims started getting up around 4:45am… the rush to the next albergue had begun. Jodi and I were not worried about securing beds at the end of the day, we both had the attitude that everything works […]

Following the route of Napoleon…

Today was the day… The day that I was most anxious about. I would start my ascent of the Pyrenees. I had decided to break up the long mountain trek into two days. This would allow me plenty of time to take in the scenery and not feel rushed. I woke up and had my […]

8 straight days on the trail…

You wake up as night gives way to day. You stay in bed a few extra minutes to contemplate your journey. You give a little stretch as you get out of bed. You grab your trekking clothes for the day and head for the toilet. You use the facilities and change. You head back to […]

The road to the Camino

I started my Camino journey a week ago, as soon as I stepped foot outside my door. My trip has already taken me to Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Arles. I have had an amazing time visiting friends before starting the1000km walk that will test my physical and emotional limits. After a 10.5 hour direct flight from […]